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Mi primer post, y claro tenia que ser de zelda. Muchos fans de zelda y los no tan fans creian que el nuevo Zelda ALBW basicamente seria un refrito, un remake del Zelda ALTTP, pero han salido a la luz varios detalles que prueban que no solo la historia sera afectada considerablemente, si no que muchas formas clasicas de jugar el juego cambiaran conservando la escencia del juego. Aqui les dejo algunos de los nuevos detalles, estan en ingles, se que los pueden entender (si no usen traductor heheh).

  • Need to complete different quests in the Light and Dark Worlds
  • Free the seven sages trapped in the Lorule dungeons
  • Princess Hilda will save you in person when first entering Lorule
  • Hilda later communicates with you telepathically at different points
  • Doesn’t look like you can travel between Hyrule and Lorule at will
  • Need to find specific cracks in the fabric of reality
  • Pass through in drawing form
  • Portals are marked on the map as you find them
  • Can place your own markers on the map
  • Lorule has a few similarities to A Link to the Past’s Dark World
  • There is similar music, but the map is different
  • Lorule’s land is fragmented
  • This means you have to get from location to location by traveling back and forth between Hyrule and Lorule
  • Different lighting effects
  • Dark Palace: home of the Helmasaur King
  • The fortress has three layers of security before you can even get to the entrance
  • Have to avoid detection or be thrown in jail
  • Can escape from jail by turning flat
  • Get past the guards by turning flat and hiding behind vines covering the walls
  • The Dark Palace is light impaired
  • Need to use your lamp
  • Light streaming through windows and cracks open up other areas
  • Floors and walls appeared and disappeared depending on whether the lights are turned on, creating treacherous labyrinths
  • Must navigate some of them by finding hidden cracks through which to squeeze
  • New puzzles and many familiar enemies in the Dark Palace like Goriyas
  • Some puzzles involve dropping bombs to trigger a switch
  • Bombs aren’t limited to just one plane, you have to throw bombs up onto ledges to complete puzzles
  • Many floating platforms that you have to correctly judge movement of in order to jump down onto, especially in Death Mountain
  • You’ll often be forced to seamlessly transition between 2D and 3D versions of Link since some of the platforms can be accessed only by sticking to their sides
  • You can assign two items at a time, to X and Y
  • B and A are for sword and context use
  • Run with L
  • Ravio’s items include the Wind Rod
  • Many collectibles scattered throughout the land including Maiamai


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